Sunday, December 28, 2003

christmas, sewing, road trip?

I've been out for several days, and not caught up with messages from anyone yet. Apologies.

Christmas was pretty flurking great for me this year. The best gifts? Two clean bills of health for two very dear cancer patients.

Made gifts for my brother and sister this year. I haven't wanted to sew for a couple of years, and may MAY start again. Maybe. I'll take baby steps on simple projects. Some people may remember that once I was very good this. a few of those people may know that for the past year or two or maybe three, I've been completely disinterested in sewing. We'll see if I can start to pick up where I left off. At least until the sun comes back out again.

Ahh, and I also got saddlebags for my bike. Road trip, anyone? I've got to figure out how to mount them on the DRZ without melting them on the tailpipe... hmmm? I really want to ride out to Portland or LA for a weekend this winter/spring. Or, uhhh, pretty much anywhere. And now I can carry a bar in one of my bags.

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