Monday, December 22, 2003

Should I even have to say this?

You know, I really don't respond to those people who send me messages starting with "hey cutie/hottie," or any similar opener. But I understand that there are enough dumb girls who respond to that, that a guy might be confused into thinking that's a good conversation starter... so I don't get too mad. But,

Should I even have to mention that I will NOT respond to anyone trying to get my attention by calling me a bitch:

"hot rock bitch do u want to chat on msn

(___________) " (handle omitted to protect the ass who doesn't deserve to be protected.)

That is so incredibly pathetic. In addition to the fact that I would never respond to anyone with such a lack of manners and sensiblility, I went to Paul's profile, and it turned out he was decidedly un-hot. Also, I don't respond to people who use the typing equivalent of baby talk "u" for "you," etc.

So, no, "ugly-ass rock cocksucker," I do not want to chat.

Seriously, some people's children

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