Monday, December 08, 2003

bike show

November 8th
Went to the bike show today. Hardly got rained on, but while I was there, it was pissing rain. Good timing I guess. Sat on a bunch of fun bikes, and a couple of stinkers. (will have a link to pictures of me on a Honda Rebel soon.---Nevermind! That link is gone now...)

I've been unbelievably sick all week, missed three days of work, had no voice whatsoever Monday through Friday. Only whispering. Somebody brought me soup Wednesday and I felt like a dog left in the house alone while the owners are out of town for the weekend. People! Wagged my tail, jumped up and licked him in the eye. But my bark was still gone. Anyway, much appreciated.

I've started to get my voice back after about a week of whispering only. But chatting with friends today did not help. Back into hiding!

Isn't this terribly exciting? Well, I've been cooped up in the house by myself all week, what do you expect?

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