Sunday, December 14, 2003

Bad Rides, Dirt, Tires, and Don't I Have a Sportbike Around Here Somewhere?

OK, so I think I'm gonna break down and get dirt tires put on next weekend.
Yesterday I went to join up on a ride leaving from Oakland. After over an hour of riding, we'd spent about half of the time on the freeway, and a few minutes going v-e-r-y slowly around a bit of twisty, and a bunch of time in suburban traffic. It stunk so much I turned around, split off, and came home. I understand that the guys on big sportbikes have a lot more to lose from a loss of traction than I do, but it still frustrated me. "We can't stop riding for a little bit of winter weather!"

Two years ago when it snowed on Skyline and Mt. Hamilton, I rode up Hamilton with several friends. It was supposed to be dirt bikes on the street ride, but my DR woudn't start (as per usual). I took the EX ratbike. There was ice in every corner, and my already crappy EX500 made it up and down the hill, sliding (not in a cool, rear wheel slide kind of way, either) through all the icy corners. I went really slowly, and I nearly slid into a truck in one corner, but there was nothing really to be done for it but hope and pray. I made it. It was very cool.
It was a terrible idea, but one of the rides I'm most proud of. There were two other girls on sportbikes in the group when we started, but they turned around when they saw the conditions. (they were sensible, in other words.)

So! Into the dirt for the winter!
Several people have been proposing dirt rides to me for the past two months and I've been turning it down on account of the Gripsters. No more!

Who's in? C'mon, haven't you always wanted to see me cry?

I may even pick up the EX for street riding for now, since I'd like those knobbies to last until May, when I get my next set.

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