Friday, January 06, 2006

Bird Flu

I don't have a lot to say about bird flu in general, because I'm just not convinced it's that important. Killing a few people is NOT an epidemic. So maybe it might mutate, possibly becoming an epidemic. Then we can worry. For now, we have plenty of actual current epidemics to worry about. Besides, we could pretty easiy prevent this possibly future epidemic right now through smart handling. Not that I'm holding my breath for that, but...
Yay fear tactics!

However, this article caught my eye:
Bird Flu Claims 3rd Turkish Child

"The doctor said the youngsters most likely contracted the virus while playing with the heads of dead chickens infected with the disease. The children had reportedly tossed the chicken heads like balls inside their house in Dogubayazit, near the Iranian border. "They played with the heads for days," Sahin said. "They were in very, very close contact with the dead chickens.""

playing for days with a dead chicken head? Am I missing something here?
Oh, to be 15 in Turkey, and totally enthralled by a dead chicken head for days at a time. Maybe American kids' obsession with video games is not so bad after all?

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