Friday, September 09, 2005

A random note about evacuating people

I'm not saying a lot about Katrina on purpose.
There's a lot, and we should all pay attention, and take notes, and not forget, because the spin is coming. The rose-colored glasses and finger-pointing are on their way. Don't forget what really happened when we watched it unfold in slow motion.

But I don't have the energy, nor the first-hand knowledge to make important discussions now.


People not being allowed to take their pets is utter bullshit.
I know, the logical thing is to save the humans first, animals later, or something.

These people have lost everything. Maybe the only companion they have left is Fido. Maybe they just spent the last week with no one but Fido, and you're going to tell them to leave behing their ONE companion? Tell them to give up on the little furry bit of joy and love they've been taking care of all week? Ever been through something really tough with someone, and noticed an extra-special bond? It's just you and your dog, waiting for a week on a mostly-submerged rooftop, rationing out the snacks you have in your backpack, surviving. Now you're supposed to leave him behind?
Fuck a lot of that.

Seriously, inhumane to the animals and humans. This is ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

I could NOT do that.
I know a lot of people have said here & there that "if you were in their position, you would" & "If it meant your life, you wouldn't leave your kitty? Yeah right!"

The honest truth is...I would NOT leave her. If they can rescue me, then they WILL rescue her. I've already lost everything I owned to a flood...everything, that is, except for my kitty..oh, and the comp, which I told my 'then significant other' to grab as I had kitty all cuddled-up against my chest, so small & so scared & clinging onto me for life.

I had photo's of my life from weeeeeeeee-teensy lil child, right up to the pix taken a week before; old letters & cards & loads of other sentimental items that can NEVER be replaced...and a LOT of important papers, ALL my clothes, jewelry, shoes, books, CD's, furniture --> I *said* everything & I mean it. Everything was gone except me & kitty and the asshole & the comp.

When the Red Cross paddled a boat up to our now collapsed cottage and proceeded to rescue us, I got in that boat with kitty bundled-up against my chest. NOBODY was going to tell me they couldn't save her along with us..and if they had, I would have found another way--simple as that.

She literally saved my life over 9 years ago and when the times get reallllllllly fucked-up & I feel like "what's the point" (in life...) it's ALWAYS my lil kitty who saves me.

This whole situation is making me sick & angry.

luv ya Rebecca :)