Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Stuff

Saturday, Paul and I went to San Jose to meet up with my Junior High School-era friend Lucy, who was visiting from LA, and her new boyfriend. They were all icky-cute and stuff. There is NOT A GODDAM THING TO DO IN SAN JOSE. What a pit. It’s actually gotten way more boring than it was when I was living there. Suckers. The streets were empty where there used to be people working, drinking coffee, discussing, living, DOING. Now there was no one, and everything was closed, except at the mall. The mall was packed. Fucking disgusting San Jose bullshit culture. We wanted to go to the Apple store to see if was easier to get help at the one in San Jose. The one in SF is always full of people just wasting time and checking their email. I want to BUY.

Got some info, then rushed back up to the City, parked, and hiked down to the Apple store. And within a half hour or so, I had my new computer! Woot. I am so excited. The machine I was using at home had been stretched beyond its years. But, being a cheap bastard, I wanted to make it last longer. Until, recently, when the monitor started to die. It was THE hot shit when it came to my house about 8 or ten years ago, the first generation of G3. Now it is a giant paperweight.

Note: I now have a new computer, and there are a few myspace profiles that still take like five minutes to load. Those people might want to rethink how important they think they are, that they need all that bullshit on there.

So now I have a 12” Ibook, and I can join the legions of people who go to public places and sit in front of their computers. Once I figure that out, anyway. For now, I’ve gotten most of my photos onto it, and made the internet work at home with the DSL cables. I still need to unpack the printer and Ipod, but I think I ought to do some cleaning (or possibly something in the vein of clear-cutting) at my apartment first. What a sty!

Wasted Sunday engrossed in my new toy, transferring data, and puttering around the bookstore a bit. Paul and I will be spending about a week in Ireland after the Isle of Man TT next June, but can’t figure out what we ought to do there. Ideas?

One thought is that I may need to learn to drive. I’ve always thought it was a part of my charm, the fact that I’ve never learned to drive a car. Cars suck anyway. But we can’t find any motorcycle rental places in Ireland (except Belfast, and we are coming in and out of Dublin I think) and I don’t know that the train will work for us, depending on where we decide to go. So, anyone want to teach me how to drive stick? I refuse to learn in an automatic car. That hardly seems worth justifying with the word “learn,” like it’s a skill or something.

Sunday, my mom surprised us by being in the City, so we met for dinner at Zuni. It was yummy of course.

And the other pending issue is apartment hunting. We’re looking for a new place to live. Needs, in order of priority: Garage, cat, one or two bedrooms, non-ghetto neighborhood, outside space for said cat (even just a patio or whatever), convenient-ish to freeways or whatever, and less than $1500. A lot less would be a lot better.

The sticking point is that the garage needs to be an honest-to-goodness garage. Just for us. No carports or shared deals. We will put tools and stuff in it, and change tires while drinking beers with the radio playing in the background.

Ideally, it would be in SF. MOST ideally, Potrero Hill, North side-ish, but, yeah, right, I know.


Hoagie1 said...

eh... I am too ADD too to read this much.

Charles said...

i like where I live.

good luck on the $1,500/month with garage. get a driveway too, so there is someplace for me to park if I come visit