Sunday, January 18, 2004

rampage failed!

Did something very silly yesterday, Charles came to the city and we went and got a Playstation 2 and Vice City. Spent the day kicking hookers in the crotch and beating up cops to take their patrol cars. Also wheelied and crashed a lot of motorcycles and did a couple of drive-bys. Omigod, it could be months before I emerge from my apartment for anything other than work.
By the early evening, we had finished a bottle of wine and headed out to a tiki bar in North Beach. Where I requested "something that will poke me in the eye when I drink it." Although we ordered the same drink, charles did not get an umbrella. I'm still a little bitter about that. Two fruity drinks and much shit-talking later, the bar had become crowded and we headed to Crowbar. And drank midori sours, blech.

just had breakfast with some of the vampires. And though there are many things I "should" be doing, I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the day crashing cars and stealing motorycles and beating up drunks...

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