Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Baby's First Wheelie

Went to Hollister Hills on Sunday with a dirt riding class thingy. After the first two drills, I cut class to go play in a nearby area with a big bump. I couldn't deal with how crowded the little circle was with the other riders, and since I figured at least half of them were as bad at dirt riding as I am, it seemed pretty damned perilous to be so close to them.

Ah, but nearby, there was a area with a bunch of wide trails (kind of flat and open) and a big bump. Jack tells me we're going to pop my wheelie cherry. Good luck! People always tell me they can teach me to wheelie, but no luck. (sometimes I think people vastly overestimate my coordination and riding abilities) After a few times of riding back and forth to show me how, Jack stood on the side and gave me points and cheers. Back and forth over this little hill, and I finally made little wheelies! Tiny, really, like an inch or two, but it's something. I think I even got a couple that were a healthy foot or so.

Chicks dig me now.

Now if only I can get it up a little farther, and on the street, I can totally pick up on stupid coffee shop boys! Awesome!

Things I learned by cutting class:
I'm almost as cool as normal people, who can all apparently wheelie.
When I brake hard I hear a clanking noise.
And it's fun to lock up the rear. When it's intentional.
And also, I crash good. woot.

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