Sunday, January 11, 2004


Just in from work tonight.
Spent the day on the bike. I'd forgotten how nice a ride in bad weather could be. Very foggy on 9 today. Yes, the road was sopping wet, yes, my bike slipped on wet tar snakes in the corners. Sometimes the visibility was only a hundred feet or less, but, man, I love Highway 9 in the fog. It's so beautiful. Everything looks so new and mysterious and magical, some sort of secret world that most people don't get out to see. (stay home, stay in bed, and watch TV!) I could see the water evaporating from the pavement as I rode through sunny patches. Stopped on the side to look out over a valley of fog, with an odd tree or top of a hill floating in the clouds. Roads were mostly empty. "not motorcycling weather."

Got my ass in gear around 11:00, late for me, but, I was out drinking last night.
Shot down south, with the intention of taking skyline into the hills, but ick, nothing but fog. I've done skyline in thick fog enough times, it doesn't get any better until 84, and that's on a good day.
Went into Mountain View. Best coffee in the Bay Area, that I know of (any suggestions?), tried to decide whether I'd gamble on the fog clearing on the other side of the hill. I gambled, it worked out well. The fog didn't really clear until past the Big Basin turn off, but the ride was great anyway. Ran into Keith at perg's, drank more caffeine, went to eat hippie food, came back through the hills, more coffee, up to the city to go to work.
Now I'm just trying to counteract the mass amounts of caffeine I've had over the course of the day with a really large glass of wine. need... sleep...

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