Sunday, February 05, 2012

After an incredibly painful, drawn-out purchase (and handbuild) process, we finally have our treadmill!

I have been wanting a treadmill since about October. See, before about the fifth month of pregnancy, I was running 4 times/week, using the gym at work. I know "real" runners prefer running outside. I am not a "real" runner. I have tried running around the neighborhood-- too much to look out for. I want to tune everything out, maybe catch up on some crappy TeeVee or something.

So we found something we wanted, as a great deal from Sports Authority. And they delivered it about two weeks later. Well... they delivered some of it. Actually, it was missing the "console," which, if you've ever seen a treadmill, is pretty much all the important stuff you'd use to, like, make it go and stuff. Paul worked back and forth with Sports Authority and then the manufacturer to get the parts. The store would say "oh no, we'll order the rest for you right away, can't believe that happened, so sorry, blah blah blah" and then a week later we'd get some parts, but never all of them. Repeat. Finally, we got all the parts, and then the technician who was supposed to build it goes AWOL. So, FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE. And now I have a lovingly handbuilt treadmill.

Does the drama end there? Oh NO, because I want to watch video and listen to music. I have a bunch of hardware. I have legally acquired a bunch of media. What's the problem? Well, the phone works great, but the screen is too tiny. What I really want is for my tablet to be out there. Oh, but one problem: it's an iPad. So, none of the Amazon Prime videos are available to me, and none of my Google Music is available to me. Because... umm... iOS is basically a crippled operating system where Apple gets to decide what is good for you. I swore off syncing my iDevices to iTunes a few years back, the last time a sync overwrote all of my contacts and I had the disconcerting experience of my phone showing my father-in-law whenever my incredibly hott husband called. Besides? Plugging in to sync? What is this, 2007?

Soooooooo, no, I am not buying a new tablet just so I can access my stuff the way I want. I have to much hardware already. I hate the iPad because it won't do practically anything I want it to do. I'm looking for anyone who has successfully made an iPad into an Android or Chrome or ANYTHING BUT IOS. Hell, even a Windows tablet would probably let me use my media.

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