Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ring Ring! It's me, phoning it in!

I promised myself I would blog weekly, but what if I have nothing interesting to report?

It's just been work, work, work this week, and crazy busy. Work/Life balance? Hah, what a joke.
I'm up at 6, at work around 7-7:30, home around 5. Put Molly to bed 8-8:30, then hop back online to hammer out some work while watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I'm trying to get much more regimented about sleep-- start winding down at 10, in bed by 10:30. I'm even trying to track my sleep with Electric Sleep on my Galaxy Nexus. I have serious doubts about the accuracy of the measurements, but it's something and it encourages me to go to bed.

If we ever get a complete treadmill, I'll try to get up at 5:30, so I need that earlier bedtime.

News? We booked a trip to Kansas. I am so not looking forward to flying with a toddler. I hate the TSA enough just by myself, thank you very much.

Funny, this will be the first time we need to go buy disposable diapers, so we stopped in the diaper aisle at Target, and were so overwhelmed, I think we'll just have to toilet train Molly tomorrow. WHY SO MANY DIAPERS???? I know one thing-- we can rule out anything with "snugglers" in the name, because Molly's idea of cuddling involves gouging your eyes with her fingers and punching you in the throat-- all with the cutest angelic smile. Also, holy crap, they have diapers for kids up to like high school now.

We took Molly to the park twice yesterday! Lucky little bean. She's suddenly sprouted a fear of slides, and a love of sand. Right now, she loves nothing more than lemons. Do NOT try to take her lemon away from her.

You know how sometimes you cook something, and it turns out that the only thing that will save it and make it edible is smothering it in cheese, or soy sauce, or whatever your thing is?
This was the kind of weekend that could only be fixed by beer. So I gave it the old college try, I did. I wanted to branch out into Margaritas, but then I found out that you can't get hard liquor at Target. WTF, Target? You could make some room for tequila by whittling down your diaper aisle, and that's not a bad place for it, really.

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Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Flying with a toddler can work in your favor: Family line through security, if you look helpless the agents will lend a hand just to get you through it and out of their hair. Once on the plane, as long as Molly isn't screaming, if you find the sympathetic flight attendant, there's one in every crowd, they will try to distract your child from running amok. It does suck that planes are so cramped anymore, not much room to get up to good amokking.