Saturday, November 06, 2010

Yesterday, Molly hit the big FOUR! Four weeks old!
Wednesday morning I weighed her in at 9 pounds, 6.1 ounces. I suppose I should stop telling her she's a porker, because apparently, it made her bulimic. Spitting up is the new game, and last night she shattered all of her previous records with an impressive explosion at Paul's mom's house. Everyone was duly impressed with the swath of destruction and artful placement.

About a week ago, we noticed she was tracking more with her eyes and turning her head to follow things. In particular, she LOVES the bird painting Paul painted for her, and will stare at that whenever it is nearby.

Yesterday, I watched her and said she looked like she was thinking about smiling soon. This morning, she finally had a quiet wakeful periods that was not screaming and fussing, and worked on that smile. It is faintly there and Paul and I both saw it, so I'm not crazy. I think that business about "firsts" with babies is a bit silly-- first word, first smile... I think a lot of those are gradients instead of binaries (where in the baby babble do you decide she said a word and meant it, instead of just part of the chatter?), and she is definitely developing her smile. It will be adorable, of course. Maybe she'll be showing it off by the time Grandma and Grandpa Turner come to visit next week?

She's not sleeping as reliably when we take her out anymore, which is a mixed blessing. It was nice while it lasted to know we could eat out or go somewhere with little chance of a total public meltdown, but I think this wakefulness comes along with her growing awareness of social cues and interactions and this big outside world. Which I'm hoping means? Interactive baby, coming soon! She actually responded to little toys and things and appeared to have a little fun with us this morning. So yay.

She's growing so fast-- her hands are so big! And she's already starting to stretch out some of the newborn-sized clothes. And diapers. They are starting to seem a little tight to put on. But wait, didn't we JUST buy those diapers?!? So today we went to Tiny Tots and bought a stack of the next size up. They look HUGE, like we could swaddle her in them, but grow she must!

On Tuesday, we took Molly to vote! Well, they gave her a sticker anyway. Unfortunately, a bunch of other dumbasses voted too, so we did not get our way on a lot of stuff. (come ON people! think of all the tax revenue we could have brought in with legalized marijuana! And, $18 is too much for a beautiful state park system??? Voters passed a bunch of bonds in SC county but rejected all parcel taxes. Right, because you can just keep borrowing as long as no one ever has to pay more taxes.) Molly was not please with those races-- she said, and I quote "LEHLUHLEH." Which is her way of crying. Fiscal stupidity and prohibition laws make her sad.

Not much other news around here. We are struggling just to get through the days and especially the nights. We are slowly getting tasks crossed off our lists. Tonight is 529 account night. WHY SO COMPLICATED????

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Kevy said...

She's such a cutie! And I recognize a few of those outfits! Glad they are coming in handy. If you guys are still having the sleep issues maybe try the velcro baby straight jackets I gave you again? Get them nice and tight. She'll struggle and cry for 5-10 minutes (which seems like an eternity) but there is no greater sight than watching her finally settle into them and nod off. The shushing really does work if you do it louder than her. I usually keep my phone on me when putting her to sleep and I play a game or two of majong solitaire after she settles in my arms. Then when I put her down I know its been long enough for her to hit REM sleep. It takes newborns longer to get there which might be why she wakes & cries after you put her down. It worked for us. I also got a cheap little clock for her room so I can keep track of how long I've been sitting in that damned rocking chair.