Monday, November 01, 2010

Every Day is Halloween

Halloween came and went this year, and I never even got to have candy corn. Dammit.

Friday, Paul's mom came over with Bear, bringing dinner and lots of good quality grandma time

From 2010.10 Molly

Bear helped out:
From 2010.10 Molly

Jennifer came over Friday night later to stay up all night partying with Molly while Paul and I slept. ZZZZZZZ...

And then Saturday morning, we took advantage of Sunnyvale's biggest event of the year: Howloween Pet Parade!
This year we only saw one chicken, but! But there were goats! THREE of them!
From 2010.10.30 Sunnyvale Howloween Pet Parade

After the parade and some time at the local brewery, we geared up for our first big outing! OK, every outing gets a little bigger as we test our readiness and tolerance for bigger situations. We headed up to Alameda to see friends who have a BIG Halloween obsession and the house decorations to match. "Decorations" doesn't really do it justice. Anyway, we piled into the car and spent our evening with them and other friends on their back patio. It was delightful! We saw friends! We felt a little human! We stayed out late enough that I turned into a pumpkin. On the way back we learned that while Molly will almost always fall asleep for the car ride, she will not sleep if hungry. So we had to stop in, ummm, I don't know, let's say Union City? The East Bay is all a blur to me from (whatever is just south of) Oakland down to Milpitas.

Sunday we had trick-or-treaters, which was fun. The littlest kids were scared to come on the porch, due to our decorations. Some of them forgot they had to knock or ring the doorbell and would just stand outside yelling "Trick or Treat!!!!!" at the top of their lungs until we realized they were indeed at our house waiting for us to open the door. Two little girls sang a song on our doorstep, and a bunch of lazy-ass teenagers showed up without costumes to get candy. Next year, we are going to have two bowls of candy, clearly marked "Good costume" with the good candy and "Crappy costume" with the cheap shitty candy. I really don't think people with facial hair should be trick-or-treating, but if they are, they better damn well wear a costume. Kids these days! Get off my lawn.

I mean, hell, even my 3-week-old pulled herself together a costume!

From 2010.10 Molly

mmm.... burrito...


Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Candy corn has gelatin! Halloween will never be the same!

Hey, where do you get that Charlie laundry detergent?

shineyspikeything said...

Not all candy corn has gelatin!
I got Charlies on Amazon.
You can buy it at Tiny Tots too, but I think they have the liquid only (we got powder)

Joan said...

Hope things are settling down, but like all "visitors," I think Molly is DIVINE - and it really will get easier. We want to send you something really special, but have no idea what you want/need/have already. BabiesRus has so little on your registry. Ideas, please. Hugs from us - we wont pester you until things are calm (18 years?)
Joan Borchers

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Yep! I was the happy recipient of 2 bags of Jelly Belly candy corn (beeswax, no gelatin) instigated by my mother-in-law, sent by the Monsey, NY cousins, purchased from Shimon Mendlowitz's Monsey Glatt. I do think it can be had by easier means...

They also sent a container of candy corn made with kosher gelatin. Everyone wants me to believe this is vegetarian so that i will eat kosher food and be ONE OF THEM! BUT i have the interwebs and i know that the kosher = vegetarian line is propaganda. So i'll probably take this one to work and feed it to my unconcerned co-workers.