Friday, November 12, 2010

Today we celebrated Molly's fifth week birthday by taking a spontaneous trip to the coast!
I had a bra-fitting appointment this morning and selfishly made Paul drive me there with baby in tow. (I should have just ridden my bike over by myself and left them alone, but I've become so spoiled and accustomed to going everywhere together) Which ended up being perfect because while I was chatting with the woman helping me, she mentioned that it was a nice day and she was telling her husband they should drive to Half Moon Bay after her last appointment.

I said. What a fantastic idea, I'll see you there!

The weather was perfect today for Molly's first trip to the coast. She slept in the Maya ring sling (thanks Gregg!) while we mosied around Half Moon Bay and ate pumpkin ice cream. Then we headed out to take Molly to the beach for the first time. She totally loved the beach! If by "loved" you mean "didn't notice" because she was sleeping in the sling...
From 2010.10 Molly

From 2010.10 Molly

From 2010.10 Molly

And because I didn't get to this earlier, here are some photos from Molly's angsty teenage bad-haircut phase she went through a few days back:
From 2010.10 Molly

From 2010.10 Molly

You can see in that picture, Molly was pandering to me with her choice of outfit. Sometimes she panders to Paul with an "I (heart) Daddy" outfit, like when she wants her dad to make waffles for me. But she'd better get her pandering in fast, because she is outgrowing all of the newborn stuff now. We've got her in big girl clothes now! Big, 0-3 month girl clothes, that is. She is mammoth.


Engineer_Ray said...

I'd recognize Molly anywhere even with the "angsty teenage bad-haircut phase".

gbloom said...

You're welcome. Glad it's making life more convenient. Love the bad haircut. :)