Thursday, July 23, 2009

Five Problems I Don't Have

  1. Watching TV. We don't even have TeeVee. What we do have is Daily Show and Colbert Report, on Comedy Central's intertubesite, for free the day after everyone else. How people have time for more than that, I'll never understand.
  2. Credit Debt. I had some when I was in my early twenties. Now I'm a "freeloader," collecting miles but never paying interest charges. Woot.
  3. Traffic. I don't have to commute much, and if I do, I get to lanesplit. One of the reasons I'll probably never leave California. Without lanesplitting as a factor, Seattle or any other nice town might be a contender.
  4. Unemployment. There's a lot of unemployment, and underemployment, going on right now. I am lucky not to be in that boat right now, and to be able to provide for myself and my husband. Better yet, I actually like my job, my team, and my company. For once, I feel like I got some of the magical luck I've always envied my brother for.
  5. Laziness. I may be a procrastinator, but I don't have it nearly as bad as other people. I'm driven, and although I'm not the best at always finishing things, I'm getting better at seeing the work for what it is, and driving it through completion, or seeing that it needs to be delegated or dumped.

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