Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am coming up on the midterm time, and am having a tough time with my two online classes. The Networking class is dry but at least organized. I read a lot of stuff and retain like 10%. If it's something I've been hearing tossed around at work, I retain more like 40%.
Economics, on the other hand? The topic is interesting to me (I chose this class for fun) but the teacher is so disorganized, I can't even tell what's going on half the time. Ugh.

Online classes are really hit-or-miss. These are the third and fourth online classes I've taken, and so far the Econ class has been the worst.

It doesn't help that I am so totally stressed out about the rest of my life that I cannot focus on these.

Work is awesome, but I really feel that I have not learned fast enough. I should be doing a lot better by now, and feel like I'm lagging badly on picking up the other product activations. Learning this stuff needs to be top priority for a while, and I feel I have slipped a bit on this. The Networking class helps, but I just need to, like, study every night or something. I get too easily flustered by customers' jargon and yammering about their environments. Mastery of this needs to be a top priority for me for a while. Anyone want to talk mail servers and firewalls? I could really use the practice and learning.

My own personal situation is pretty well at equilibrium, but at any moment, there could be a major job, health, housing change. Right now, all is well. Do I really need to upset the water, just now, when I'm struggling with the learning curve in my new career?

Today does not seem so happy. I have so much to worry about with what *is* in my control. Networks! ISA servers! Firewalls! Connectors! Whatevers!

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