Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Apple of My Eye

A few weeks back, I got a Jesusphone. I mean, an iPhone. It is truly Teh Bomb. It fell into my lap through very good fortune, not through my greedy need to buy all things new and wonderful.

Then, Friday, it got wet. Very, very wet. I rode to work in a rainstorm that was much worse than I'd expected, and had not gotten around to re-waterproofing for the wet season. When I got to work, my phone was saying something about "this accessory isn't made to work with your phone, would you like to use airplane mode?" or something o that effect. I was saddened, but had heard that some people who got their palm pilots, etc., wet, had let them dry out on their own and had no problem.

Over the course of the day it got worse. I turned it off but it would turn on and do all manner of psychedelic things before turning off again. It would have nothing to do with me, and ignored my button pushing as well as my please and bargains to take better care of it, if it would just calm down and be my phone again.

By about 2pm, it had crapped out completely, never to be lit up again. :(

I tried rice, I tried low oven heat.

Saturday I went to the Genius Bar (another benefit of living in the middle of it all-- 10 minutes to a genius bar! Which, I was disappointed to find out, does not serve alcohol.) and found that I could get a replacement. I won't go into the gory details, but I returned last night and there was some magic, and I am one happy Macintosh and iPhone user!

Apple is the best.

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