Monday, February 06, 2006


This weekend we went down to San Jose for a bit and loafed hardcore at my folks’ house. Not a lot else to do down there, I guess. I felt a little bad about letting such a nice Sunday get away from me, but if you’d ever sat around the Turner Compound in the afternoon, you’d understand how this could happen.

Paul put new brake pads on the DRZ Friday and then we spent Friday night playing Katamari Damacy. What? We had Thai food first, so it’s not like we never left the house or something!

Saturday we headed to San Jose to meet my parents and go to dinner, and then to see Bill Maher at the Flint Center. I don’t have cable, but he looked familiar to me. Usually, you have to be drunk to enjoy a comedian. Nope, this guy was funny, and right on the money most of the time. I caught my MOTHER laughing at jokes that included the word “pussy.” Paul claimed he was uncomfortable with sitting next to my mom laughing about jokes involving anal sex. (to be fair, here’s another, opposite-bias article about the same guy) Some of the political comment gave me a little food for thought, some of the man/woman stuff was junk, but it was mostly interesting.

Sunday we did finally make it home, just in time to get pizza and beer with Daniel before bedtime. Sometimes I drink beer and end up letting slip what I really think of people. Oops. It’s because my pizza didn’t get to me in time to shut me up.

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