Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lost Week

The past week has been pretty fast. Last weekend we had unseasonably warm and sunny weather, so rather than get any of the pending projects and responsibilities taken care of, we decide to stroll over to Aquatic Park from Paul's place in Berkeley. Which turned into a hike to Emeryville. Aquatic Park is fine and all, lots of families and dogs and people playing Frisbee golf (?!?), but every so often you are overwhelmed by the odd STENCH of death and rot. Then it goes away and you can watch the ducks and cranes. This is the park we also refer to lovingly as “Anonymous Gay Sex Park.” I think that's an evening thing, or only in certain areas these days. Overall, it seemed harmless, if slightly shady at the Emeryville end, particularly in the late afternoon.

I watched some guy shoplift at the Borders in Emeryville and bought a book for studying Mandarin, before we headed back in time to get Priya before I had to go back to the City to get to New Wave City. Omigod, Priya is SO GOOD.
I snuck back into Paul's house after work, around 2am, and so Sunday morning, we did actually tackle a pending issue by taking a ride into the Berkeley hills, to troubleshoot Paul's XR. There was no problem, so we stopped in to see his mom for a bit, and then back down to the house.
and then, And THEN! We went to Paul's friend's house for dinner and beer and stuff. Which was totally the best. I am a vegetarian who can't cook, and knows nothing about vegetables, but I can TOTALLY get behind a salad that has cheese for the main ingredient. Omigod. Grilled veggies were cooked and seasoned just right, and there were no mushrooms involved. And there was beer! Paul's house never has beer. Totally the nicest people, and food, and grappa, and chocolate. And, you know, I'm not usually a baby person, but I held the baby for some reason, and it was sort of cute. He bubbled and farted on me which was oddly charming. (No, it's not cute when YOU do it). The best part about a baby is when it's not yours, you can just sort of wipe your hands of it when the fussy face starts. And so I did.

Monday I had class. Du Laoshi was terribly out of character, and only launched one “goofy,” and none of her other regular routines. Feh. She did nearly lose her shit when it became apparent that most of the class had fucked up the previous week's assignment (I did not. I understood and executed perfectly) This is so much harder without Paul taking the class with me.

Tuesday was the first day of a two-day photo shoot we had in Dogpatch. After getting over the early clusterfuck part, this was sort of cool. Actually, it was fucking freezing (the dancers were turning blue) but the second day I came back with scarf and gloves. So instead of hiring models, we hired dancers with the idea of a lot of movement, leaping, or something like that. (Tuesday we had a Latin Ballroom instructor and an Aerialist) The process was very fun to watch, and the physical feats were pretty neat too. What wasn't neat was trying to put socks on a grown man (hard) and the stupid bullshit of dealing with everyone's disorganization in the early part. Lunch was really good both days. It's always about the food.

Tuesday night Paul came over and made me some pasta, because he is the best thing ever. He even cut the bell peppers into heart shapes, which is totally cheesy. He is the best. I know, you are jealous.
Wednesday we wrapped up the photo shoot (two ballet dancers this time) and in the evening I had a dinner to go to for work, at a place in ghirardelli square, called Ana Mandera. The space is cool, my food was good; no complaints here.

By Thursday I was wrecked and I'm pretty sure I just loafed around the house in the evening, which I had definitely earned. MAGIC show loomed, and nothing was really done. In fact, no one at the office seemed to care much.

Friday I had to leave work early to do some shopping downtown, and then hit the bridge (which was totally fucked for some reason) to meet Paul, so we could go to dinner with his mom. Who is really, really sweet. We went to Priya. Have I mentioned, I LOVE Priya? I'm all about the mint sauce and the paneer masala. mmmmm
Saturday was a nice fuckoff day as I prepared myself to go to MAGIC. this is the fourth time I've gone to MAGIC, and it's gotten to the point where I pretty much know what to expect. Or so I thought. More later on Sunday, which turned out to be my WORST travel experience ever. Ever. Including getting on the wrong train in Italy when we had to be in Pisa by 5pm. Including entering Beijing completely alone with no idea of where I was supposed to be or even the contact info for anyone. Hey, at least those were interesting. There is nothing interesting about Las Vegas....

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