Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sometimes China is just in the WAY

<>So, Paul came back, and New Years Eve was nice and mellow. I’m a bit relieved since I’ve never been much of a “woo-HOOOOO!!!!!” New Year’s Eve person.

I found out a couple of days ago that my company is making me go to China in May for our sales meeting. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that it’s the weekend of the Sheetiron! GODDAMMIT !!!!! Seriously, like one of those things that I measure my year by, but I cannot go. Really, really sucks.
This year will be different anyway. The past couple of years have been metered by Sheetiron, Burning Man, Christmas. These are the markers and highpoints of the cycle. This year, no Burning Man, no Sheetiron. I decided not to go to Burning Man after last year was kind of a let down to me. I put in as little effort as anyone, so I’m not complaining, just recognizing that if I’m not working for it, I’m part of the problem. Maybe I’ll change my mind. I figure I’ll go somewhere on my dirtbike instead.

The year looks like this now:
February- Vegas for the MAGIC show for work. I stay at the Venetian. There’s a Tiki bar there. But tiki bars aren’t so great by yourself. Sigh.
April- 4 days in Seattle for my brother’s wedding. It will be fun. I’m excited.
April/May- Two and a half weeks in Italy with my mom.
May- Fucking China trip for work. Grrrrrrrrr….
July- Nothing. I’m thinking another four day road trip is in order for Independence Day. (Seattle again, or somewhere else?)
August- Nothing. Labor Day weekend dual sport trip of some sort?

It looks like a whole lot of nothing after a very busy May. I’ll be all out of vacation after Italy, so I guess the rest of the year will be mostly local. I want to do more dirt riding. I need to learn how to wheelie anyway. What to do to make up for missing out on the Sheetiron? sniff sniff…

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