Tuesday, December 28, 2004

dig deep, dig shallow, just DIG

<>Before you say to yourself "I'm too poor," please consider the difference in meaning, of what you consider "poor," and the poverty that exists on a daily basis in much of Asia. Now consider that even those low means of living have been wiped out completely for hundreds of thousands of people. The death tolls from the tsunamis are incredible, but what's really going to hurt is the struggle after.

If you give 10 bucks and skip your lattes this week, someone might get clean drinkable water so their kids don't die. If you then pass this on and each of your friends gives 10 bucks, well, it grows and grows, so quickly, and so easily, doesn't it?

The website is bogged down right now, but be patient, it will load (I hope this is a good sign)

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