Thursday, September 16, 2004

my friends do the darndest things!

<>So a friend of mine runs this site HotorNot, which is one of the funniest success stories I've ever heard. Best I can figure, HotorNot was a bad idea someone came up with while they were drunk, but he and James have made it into one of the most well known and successful dating websites out there. Oh, and it's oddly compelling to sit and click at for a while.

Jimy did pretty well for himself with this thing and wants to give someone a bunch of money to encourage them to vote. I think that's pretty cool. I think it'd be even cooler if he gave ME the money, but, whatever....

Go here, sign up, look at Jim and James with no clothes on, win big money, and VOTE.

ps. if you win, you should buy me an ice cream cone. With sprinkles.

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