Sunday, January 15, 2017

What you yell matters

Whew, so that's two rallies I've gone to that haven't used the "LOVE TRUMPS HATE" chant that I hate so much.

I want to yell and shake my fists as much as the rest of you, but can we just retire that one, please?

Firstly, I dislike "Love trumps hate" because "trump" is the active verb in that sentence, and, you'll forgive me for never wanting mr. drumpf active verbing anything, ever?

But, worse, it sounds a hell of a lot like an imperative (a lot of march chants are imperatives) and NOOOO I will NOT love Trump's hate. I do not love his hate, you should not love his hate. I really detest Trump's hate, and that's why we're all here.

So please, let's just not with the stupid "love trumps hate!" I won't love his fucking hate.

Stick to the classics, willya? Like:


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