Friday, January 20, 2017

It's a momentous day...

... it must be
Because my kid finally grew a pair of ovaries, and agreed to watch Star Wars with me (she's always said she's too scared, but today today she said "I want to watch it, I'm not scared.")
And now I sit in bed, and hear downstairs, the sound of my husband peeling packing tape to laminate the sign my kid made for tomorrow's march. Tomorrow, my family marches.

She made the sign. This will be her third rally since election night. She will know that this is what we do, this is one of the things we do as part of this great democratic experiment. We will march, as her parents marched, and their parents, and theirs, and we will turn this thing around.

Ask her where the power comes from... she might just tell you that the power comes from the people when they stick together.

I'm not sure why tonight, of all nights, she finally decided she was willing to watch star wars, but I'm glad we got another venue to talk about rebellions and #goodtrouble.

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