Saturday, March 05, 2011

Yeah, yeah, yeah... no updates, and it's been like a month.
I'm really really busy. I know, everyone is always busy.

This past week I finished up a series of classes, to get my Stanford project management certificate. Actually, a very useful set of classes with quite a good focus on immediately applicable, real-world, practical skills. But being out of work for that long means I go to class during the day, try to do my day job at night, try to still get done all the work that I would normally do at night from home, and then, oh yeah, the home and baby stuff too.

Anyway, Molly is still cute. She drools!

From 2011 Molly

Just LOOK at that drool!

Also this week, Molly got to spend most of a day with her grandparents as Paul and I had to be other places. She apparently behaved just fine.

I am barely keeping my head above water, but, well, honestly that is just part of who I am. Yes, I volunteered to help out with that giant cluster of a global project again this year. And, some other big big stuff is also going on in my "spare" time. What else would I be doing anyway?

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