Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Now I can finally put Stanford on my resume!

And I won't even be lying!

Last week I completed my Stanford Advanced Project Management certificate. And? I actually really enjoyed the program. Lots of real-world, instantly applicable tools and experience, god exploration of strategy and portfolio, etc., etc., buzzword, etc.
No, really, I got a lot out of it. I've done a bit of project management training in various areas, and found this to be much more useful in my work than some of the more theoretical approaches often taken.

And now, on to the other stuff!


Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

I just started a Localization Project Management Certification online seminar thingy and am feeling quite overwhelmed. Just when i thought i couldn't be any busier... So good on ya for finishing your course, congrats.

Jennifer said...

YAYS! Good work and congratulations. I think we need to celebrate with a party or dinner or beer something!!!