Thursday, January 20, 2011

Motor Control! Or, Holy Crap, those are MY hands!

Molly is learning how to reach up and touch and grab things right now. Also? Working on being able to roll over from laying on her back. She started rolling from belly to back last week while Grandma Ellen was here to watch her do it three times in a row, each time with a little less shock on her face when finding herself suddenly and inexplicably looking up at the ceiling.

(video link! clicky!)

She's definitely grabbing stuff now. Rolling is still a bit of a struggle and chance.

I can only hope that when she finally realizes she can do stuff with those hands, she can jump to the next earth shattering conclusion-- she can also NOT do things with those hands. Like: NOT knock her pacifier out of her mouth all the time, and NOT hit herself in the face while she is trying to sleep.

Then, perhaps, the holy grail... being able to put the pacifier back in her own mouth so we don't have to.
She actually figured out how to pick it up and wave it around, and finally, she put it in her mouth, but it was sideways, like a cookie, not at all the way she wanted it. Sigh...

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