Thursday, January 20, 2011


We did it!
We managed to get back to our old adventurous drinking-in-public ways!

Yes, having a baby is stressful. Yes, the things going on at work are stressful. So? We took off. North. I have to say, of all the directions available I like North the very best.

I had booked a cottage in Little River, about two miles south of the town of Mendocino. It had a kitchen and a gas fireplace and a little view of the ocean. It was small and cozy without being too rustic for our first baby travel.

Besides the long drive, it was perfect. Saturday, we spent in Mendocino, puttering a little, and then dinner at the cottage, followed by watching mindless movies on cable with the sound turned off.

Sunday, we had lunch in the pub next door, then took the short hike to Van Damme State Beach. Molly traveled pretty well in the sling (thanks Gregg!) and we resumed our irresponsible ways.
Molly apparently is not an oatmeal stout drinker. Snob.

And then, Monday we took a long time getting out, then took the long way home. Which, really was probably not all that pleasant for Molly. But! We did get to stop in Berkeley for my very favorite Indian food. OMG

In short, travelling with baby was not all that bad. We didn't do as much as we would have on our own, but it was a nice slow pace.

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