Thursday, October 21, 2010


In case you were wondering:
Yep, she's still cute!
From 2010 Molly

Uh, wait, I mean:
From 2010 Molly

Paul is a fantastic dad, but there was never really any doubt about that-- he's always been great with kids.

And just look at his enthusiastic diaper-changing face!
From 2010 Molly

Auntie Jennifer comes over to spoil Molly with more love:
From 2010 Molly

And then Paul shows her how to nap properly (actually, she did not nap... of course, as she did that when Jennifer was here)
From 2010 Molly

We managed to steal ourselves some semi-reasonable sleep last night, and did not have any appointments or errands to run today, so we managed to have a pretty good mood in the house... so far!


James Bong said...

I love the big black eyebrows! One more with just one unibrow! BWAHAHAHA!

Tara and I will come visit when she's back and we're both feeling healthy. We'll bring cookies!

Believe me, things do get better. The first few weeks/month(s) are hell.

Engineer_Ray said...

Jennifer and Paul look cute too

Jennifer said...

LOL love the eyebrows! Ok, time for a two person full night sleep! I'll sleep in Saturday morning and stay up all Saturday night with Molly. Plan bottles etc. accordingly :-)