Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello Sailor! Haven't seen you in about ten months! Welcome back!
From 2010

Yesterday I was falling apart from no sleep and being in pain. Paul let me sleep an inordinate number of hours while bravely taking the night shift with Molly, who is decidedly a night owl. Everyone comes to visit while she is sleeping, says how sweet she is and tells us that we should sleep while she sleeps. And then they leave and she wakes up for the evening. Gah!

I was spoiled by my heroic husband and got a humane amount of sleep last night. We went to the Dr. and to pick up a prescription, and then came back so he could sleep some.

And then! My sister came over with the best new parent gift ever: she offered to sit and do homework in the front room with Molly while Paul and I slept for a couple of hours. YES! Thank you Jennifer!!!

Then we got up an decided it was dinner time, and we took the leap into public dining. Molly slept through dinner at ValleSol like a champ, and no drama was had. Success!

Now, into another long night, as she is suddenly waking up and becoming very animated.

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