Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary.
Had I not been over occupied with other things, I might have taken Paul someplace nice, but instead we went to Monday Brunch, at this place. Where I stuffed myself on some damned tasty apricot french toast. I highly recommend this if you are eating like there's no tomorrow. (my doctor is fine with my weight, and everyone else can go get stuffed. I do not need to hear it)

Last Monday, my boss (The Best Boss On Earth) threw me a little work shower. Why is she the best boss on earth? Well, a lot of reasons, but when was the last time your boss baked you cupcakes and then made one of these:
From 2010

Seriously, I had never seen a diaper cake in real life, and it was awesome. I took it home and didn't have the heart to dismantle it until after my mom and sister had come to bask in its glory on Craft Day.

My last day at work was last Wednesday, and I am so glad to finally have some time to catch up on stuff.
Thursday, however, I returned to "campus" to take advantage of the penultimate prenatal yoga/pilates/whatever class. The instructor was impressed I actually showed up. Well, why not? But whenever she'd say "OK now turn over to the other side" or "ok now stand up" I was like "uh, hang on! any minute now, I'll be right there with you..."
It is not a pretty sight right now. I feel like a whale. But, you know, a *cute* whale. Something like this maybe. (definitely not this)

Sunday we had craft day but I got tired of my craft about half way through.

I had sort of been joking that as soon as I took off work for maternity leave, it would get insanely hot and I'd just end up going back to work for the air conditioning and frozen yogurt. The past two days have been unmanageable. I can't do anything. It's not surprising that we're getting a heat wave at the end of summer, but that doesn't mean it's welcome. None of the things I mean to be doing are getting done because I'm stuck to the couch. I wish we had a tile floor, because I'd love to just lay on a tile floor. I may not be able to get up afterward, but it would be worth it.

In wildlife news, we are no longer able to use the front door, as it's completely infested with a yellow jacket hive. (please keep this in mind if you are visiting. Or trying to sell us Jesus.) But we can look out the window at the birdfeeders and Sunday/Monday we had a praying mantis hanging out on the porch.

From 2010

Tuesday we were visited by a hawk! I have never stood so close to a hawk before (It was about 4 feet away, through the window), and let me assure you, this thing had the dumbest expression I think I've ever seen on a bird. I'm not so good with birds of prey, but we think it was an adolescent Cooper's Hawk.

From 2010

From 2010

Yep, there's still lots to do, no, I'm not bored yet, and no, there is no baby yet. You'll be the first to know. I swear.

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