Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday I did a little research and found out that my needle phobia can KILL ME!
Actually I was hoping to find some coping methods, and I found the following:
  • laughing gas (that might work, but I don't think the nurse will give me that if I just ask)
  • desensitization MIGHT work, but probably not
  • something called applied tension, which has to do with taking in a deep breath and tensing most of your muscles, with the idea of getting blood to your brain
  • lying down and pulling your knees up to your chest (will look ridiculous, but might as well try it) - it's actually possible if you are sitting up and your blood pressure drops, for your brain to lose all its oxygen and kill you. (I know, extreme)
  • any methods like meditation meant to relax you are contraindicated, because you're actually trying to keep your blood pressure UP, not down.
Anyway, I will try to lie down next time. All the suggestions about painkillers or anesthetics were lame because I'm not afraid of pain.

I also read that 80% of people with aversions such as mine have a close relative with the same-- maybe genetic. I don't think anyone in my family has it this bad though.

I know, I know, practically everyone dislikes needles, but do they try to pass out every time they have blood drawn, and have to have the nurses paged? Just thinking about it puts me on edge.


Anonymous said...

so randomly came across your blog, but my boyfriend has the same problem! it's not the pain, he just passes out at the sight of needles or blood, and he's a big tough guy. what he does now is tells the person drawing blood, and asks for a glass of water. if he drinks it while the blood is being taken, it takes his mind off of it, and makes you keep breathing. ghetto, but it works!

mlr72 said...

I recommend the lying down. I used to pass out every time I had any qty of blood drawn (historically have had very low blood pressure). also it's been true for me that if I feel amped up about it, I will inevitably pass out.

Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Desensitization = "the progressive exposure of the patient to gradually more frightening stimuli"

Now THAT sounds like fun!