Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The past month?
We've been puttering mostly, keeping the seats warm at our local beer-serving cafe, dealing with the house, crafting, etc.

I picked up another night of cashiering at DNA Lounge this month, which was fun. Different crowd, including people I had not seen in probably 10 years. I choked back laughter as people told me sternly that they were in Steampunk costume, as though it was very serious business. The absolute best thing was parents showing up with their kids to take part in the dance lessons early in the evening-- too cute!

Then of course, New Wave City, where I got my 5 minutes/month allotment of the fabulous James and Tara!

We had advised the landlord that there was a stain on the wall in the dining room due to water damage from the heavy rains. After first asking us to find a contractor to get a quote, he instead sent over a guy to "fix" the problem with caulk. Of course this will not fix the problem, and we pointed out that we were worried about mold. We'll be testing for mold in a month or so to see whether the damage is our problem (toxic mold, we need to push to get it fixed) or their problem (rotting walls, even if they don't bring mold, do mean the house will eventually fall apart). The whole experience was pretty eye-opening. We had gone to Home Depot Saturday to get an 8 foot ladder so Paul could get up and look in the gutters. The gutters over the wall that has the stain were full-- of CEMENT. That had been put there wet (it was dried in the shape of the gutter and had to be removed by chisel) and was of course completely blocking 2/3 of that gutter. Nice work, roofers! If it were our house, we'd have the drywall ripped out and replaced to prevent more structural damage, but it's not our house. So, caulk! There, I fixed it!

Valentines Day rolled around and I made cinnamon rolls from scratch for Paul again. They were all kinds of tasty and not hard to make. We went to a nursery to pick out some flowers to plant and got seeds for vegetables too. Now we just need dirt.

Saturday we had a bunch of people over for craft day again, and I got to work on some embroidery for the quilt I am now, finally, working on. Paul fed us snacks and kept the fresh squeezed lemonade coming, and a good time was had by all. Next craft day is on the schedule for very soon. Let me know if you're interested in joining us.

Yesterday I went for a checkup and my nice-seeming doctor showed her true evil by sending me to get blood drawn. The appointment people had asked me to fast when I made the appointment, so I was already feeling pretty terrible (almost blacked out in the shower in the morning before I even went to the doctor) I keep thinking the blood draws will get easier, but they actually get worse every time. This time, they ended up paging two nurses to rush over to me and it was all very dramatic and embarrassing. This episode took the wind out of my sails and I was completely and utterly exhausted for the rest of the day. Did they get enough blood? ugh.

Today will be better, as I've been promised cupcakes.

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James Bong said...

Thanks for the compliment!

I know what you mean about the blood draws. I didn't used to be a fainter, but I am now. I have to warn the nurses when I get blood drawn for a physical now. ugh.