Thursday, November 19, 2009

Huh, well, I'm halfway through the week, and this one has been tough.

Sunday I got to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world! Charles and Sara had us over for a little family and friends time, and I had a blast drinking all of Charles' beer and talking too much, while Paul tired the kid out, probably whilst teaching him all sorts of things that Charles will get a call from the daycare center about.

Monday's highlight was MEGA huge. They had vegetarian chimichangas at one of the cafes at work, and I about died of happiness. Seriously. I have not had a chimichanga since I was 16 and I pine for them regularly. See, the kitchen at my high school was run by this Mexican woman and she made bean and cheese chimichangas everyday and I ate the hell out of them. My uniform skirt was covered in chimichanga stains from the fact that it doubles as a napkin. Monday's was heaven. Then I watched some band that is apparently famous play at my work but they were not my style.

Tuesday I got nothing done, as I had a department meeting in the morning, and then a team offsite the rest of the day. My team is totally the best, and we had flaming cheese. Oh yes, flames and cheese, very nice. But! returning to the office to find all of my queues overflowing and projects long thought dead resurfacing was kind of a downer.

Wednesday I had no highlights. That was when I realized I was falling completely behind in a lot of important stuff. poop. This week is out of control, but I will beat it into submission ASAP.

coming up? My best friend from my early teenageish years visits for the weekend!

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