Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alas poor chocolate, I knew thee well

It sounded like trouble when Hershey's acquired two of my favorite chocolate makers a few years ago.

Scharffen Berger makes fantastic chocolate bars-- pure, unadulterated goodness.
Joseph Schmidt, famous for his artistic creations in fine chocolate, was a favorite since we used to get gint baskets of the stuff around Christmas time at one of my old jobs. The mint leaves were my favorite, but everything was wonderful.

Bay Area favorites, but now Hershey's is shutting down their local manufacturing. Boo.

Time to move on. sniff, sniff.
Charles Chocolates, anyone? (btw, Charles makes really good chocolate, and is a delight to chat with)

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James Bong said...

The Rotten Lousy Bastards!!