Thursday, July 03, 2008

Since I am so far behind in blobbing, I'll just take some random events in the past few weeks to yammer about.

Paul heroically propped me up between late April and early June, while I attempted to prep for a PMP training class in Atlanta. When I signed up, I decided to read a book or two before going to class, so I'd be familiar with the vocabulary and concepts. No problem. I was reading (slowly... it was dull) one book and had another lined up behind it, when, six weeks before the class, I received a package from the AMA. It included a copy of the Guide to the PMBOK and a study guide. And instructions. Apparently, I was to read these two riveting works, which could be accomplished in 30 hours, and then do some practice tests, before arriving at the class. In six weeks. WTF?!

It's not that I didn't want to read these (OK, I didn't want to read the PMBOK. I tried once. It is not for reading. Referring to, yes) But dumping this much reading and work into the lap of a busy person with such a time constraint is a bit unfair. Presumably, we all have jobs, else we could not afford the high tuition associated with an AMA three-day course. And, you know, some of us have lives too. Like, kids, friends, school, um, WEDDINGS?

So for those six weeks I did work, and then came home and read, as hard as I could. I mean, this is not engaging reading. It was terrible. Blech. I read on the bus and in bed and when I wasn't reading, I crammed in a few wedding tasks. And fell behind. I never got to the PMBOK, and I didn't even *quite* finish the study guide. I fell hopelessly behind in wedding tasks. There was no way I could catch up on laundry or feeding myself. that's where Paul stepped in. Ever patient, he basically ran the house for that time. No complaining when I said I couldn't go for a walk because I had to read my damn book.

I flew to Atlanta on a Sunday and took the train (sort of like a BART train) to my place in Midtown. they were apparently having a little heatwave, so it was about 97 degrees, and a million percent humidity. I asked at the hotel desk where I might go for dinner, and they were like "there's nothing nearby! The closest thing is probably, like TEN MINUTES away!"

I had a hunch about a restaurant based solely on its name, and walked out to find it. About four blocks away is too far to walk? Probably because of the heat, but this wimpy Californian can rough it. And? It was awesome! The food was OK (veggie burger with dry-ish hummus) but they had beer, and the bestest patio to sit in.

The PMP Prep Express class at the AMA was actually really good. I mean, considering the dry subject and the silliness of trying to learn the PMI's specific vocabulary and processes (versus real-life), the class was pretty helpful. I would recommend it to anyone looking to prepare for the exam, or collect PDUs.

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