Monday, March 10, 2008

Babytown visits us

Successful weekend!

Saturday we spent the evening with my parents and sister, and drank a whole bunch of wine. We also discussed the relative merits of petting zoos vs. bouncy castles at the wedding (I stand firmly in the petting zoo camp) and, um, "good tarps."

Saturday we knocked out some invitational goodness at Kinkos, and had a damn fine walk around the bustling hubbub of Mountain View. In the evening, we hopped on the Yamabego and met Lionel and Jen at Zeni in San Jose (very tasty Ethiopian food) and were blessed by their inability to find a babysitter. We got to meet Amara for the first time, and what a cutie! Very interactive and friendly. She was pretty good in the restaurant, and damn, did she put away a lot of food.

Sunday we skipped the farmer's market (dang daylight savings) and then cleaned up our shitshack in preparation for having a toddler in the house. Oh noes! Beware! We had not had kids in the house yet, and it turned out OK. Nothing was broken except the cat's trust. Jesse and Amy brought Quinn, who is about two but looks more like four. He had lots of fun with the weightbench, dumbells, wrenches, and pretty much all the big metal stuff he could toss around and "fix." He gleefully screeched at the cat, who hid, and hid, and hid. Then we took him to the park, and then pizza, and then after a little more visiting time, they went home. We do not see nearly enough of them.

Also, we are chugging along on wedding plans. There's a lot to do, but this is still an easier project than others I'm working on, and a lot more fun. I'm terribly excited. I'm working on perfecting my delivery of "IT'S *MY* SPECIAL DAY AND I WANT DOLPHINS IN THE POOL!"


rayjturner said...

Dolphins in the pool - not a problem. Bring your own Dolphins. (Take them home when you leave, please.)

Charles said...

"Dolphins in the pool" is that a euphemism for something I do not know, or want to know about?