Friday, February 01, 2008

NTI Hotness

Last Saturday, I went to San Francisco to visit my dentist. My dentist is great. And he has a really swanky office. This is the pond outside of the lobby, which extends under the floor of the lobby with a plexiglass floor so you can see the fish:

I picked up the new mouthguard I had fitted when I went for my last marathon dental session (four or five hours of ripping out old fillings and making new fancy, not-so-breaky ones)

you see, is VERY bad. If you are grinding or clenching your teeth, YOU MUST STOP. Seriously. I had cracked a molar last year, just before I had planned to get the preventative work done. But bruxism is very, very bad. Anyway, the big squishy mouthguards you get at the drugstore are OK to just figure out if you can tolerate anything, but they are way big, and worse,, the squishyness may actually inspire me to clench more. It's like having a chew toy in your mouth. Not all that good. Plus, they get nasty.

The new hotness is the NTI. (yes, I realize the website looks hokey) It is small, and it fits really well. It can not fall off. It actually keeps my back teeth from touching at all, so, no more clenching. It was expensive, but not as expensive as the work I had to get done because I had cracked my teeth.

Thje result has been great. After a first night of dreaming about trying to chew a jelly bean that was in the front of my mouth, I have slept well. My jaw does not hurt. Depending on the war over the next few months, I may actually get the front cut down a bit to make it even more natural feeling (to avoid grinders being able to pop their lower teeth out over their upper teeth, there is a little "rail" thing, which sticks out of your mouth a little when you sleep. But I do not grind.)

Grinders of the world, I heartily recommend this NTI dealie. It is awesome so far.

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