Friday, June 01, 2007

Tyranny of crappy majority

OK, fucking goddam windows time.
Yesterday I downloaded the Gerber Manual that I'd emailed myself from home, and was working on it in Word all day, saving frequently. Today I can't find it. I think it must have gone into a TEMP file, since I opened it from an email? So where is it? Did I just lose all my work? What the fuck is wrong with Windows? If I download something and work on it all day and save a bunch of times, isn't it fucking obvious that I WANT it?!

Fuck you windows! Maybe if I have something open and am working on it all day and "saving" it, that means I want it. Whst exactly did you mean by "save" because clearly it didn't mean "save" as we know it.

I just lost an entire day of important work.

Fuck you very much Windows.


Julia said...

It is in the temp file. All items opened from an email save to the temp location automatically if you do not select 'save as' and choose a location.

shineyspikeything said...

Poops. Apparently, it was too large, so the TEMP file cleared it out. And I redid my work on Friday. I guess I learned the hard way. Still, a really stupid interface problem. Get Bill on the phone, I have some complaining to do.