Friday, June 22, 2007

There have been no blogs lately. I am waaaayyy too busy for such things.

Hey! Marisa was singing!

Last night, I met my sister in San Jose, and we had Thai food dinner, then went to the Montgomery Theater to see Marisa perform. It was her first solo gig with a real company (I think?) and she was very excited, so we were there to check it out and support her. Hey! Marisa is singing!

I bought tickets not knowing what it was. All I know about Gilbert & Sullivan is that it was on the Simpsons. (Sideshow Bob)

The night before the show, I realized it was a sing-along version. (!) This scared me, but we persevered. Hey! Marisa is singing!

Well, I still don’t see what the hype is about this musical, but Marisa was great. I know nothing about opera (OK, yes, this isn’t really opera, but Marisa is an opera singer, so that’s what I’m calling it) but Marisa’s voice is so very purty and it’s cool to pick it out of the chorus, and even cooler that she had a solo role. I know it’s hard to break into, but I can’t help but think once she starts getting gigs like this, it will snowball once they see how delightful she is to work with and how awesome her voice and presence are. It’s exciting, though I know nothing about it.

Hey! Marisa is singing!

There were a lot of grey hairs in the audience. Old people came by the busload to see this musical. I don’t know why, but they were really into it. They guy next to us had a hardbound book of the songs with him. These old folks were really into it. Many had sailor hats and shirts with logos and phrases from the musical, and a few were in head-to-toe costumes. Ooooo-Kay… It was like being at a Dungeons and Dragons convention or something, except everyone was old and had a cane. But, hey! Marisa is singing!

It was fun. I got home too late. It was nice to see Marisa, and she looked great!


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