Monday, May 07, 2007

Stonyford or bust (or both, more likely)

Somehow, the Sheetiron sneakily came upon us, only two weeks away. All plans about getting in some dirt riding practice, finally learning how to wheelie, or even making sure I still fit in my MX pants have fallen by the wayside. It is nearly here!

this time, I will be taking the Friday off (my boss doesn't know this yet, but how can I tell him if he's never here? More importantly, why should I tell him if he's never here?) so that we can go up to Stonyford in a reasonable time, and probably camp there. We'll see... I don't mind the camping idea but don't want to carry all that crap. My chest protector is already so cumbersome, there won't be room for tent and all that. We'll probably find someone to carry our junk up there since most people take trucks.

I'm sure the weather won't be cold and uber-foggy like it was last time. This time I'm more worried about 100+ temperatures? Ugh, well, at least I can see that way. Last year's weather was pretty miserable, and sometimes the visibility was zero.

It follows that this coming weekend will be tire and oil changes, shopping, fretting.

Someone want to teach me how to wheelie finally?

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