Tuesday, May 16, 2006

campmor! say it ain't so!

Boo. I was previously so enamored with campmor. They have a super cool catalog (I love the line drawings), and good prices, and lots of good info on their website.

But they fucked up my order this week, and will not make things right.

Order placed Monday morning for several items, payed extra for next day shipping.

Received the order today. Of the two important items in the order, only one arrived. The other, though accepted through the order and email confirmation process, was, according to a handwritten note on the shipping invoice, no longer available.

ugh. I am leaving Friday. I want to pack Wednesday if possible, but must pack by Thursday.

Now the website tells me that it's now available in red, not the black color I chose. So I call, and they say, OK, we'll send it out, two day service, but it will leave tomorrow. Which means, maybe, it should arrive Friday. There is a REASON I paid extra for it to be delivered early this week. I ask them to overnight it, they tell me OK, but they will have to charge me for this.

No. That doesn't make sense since I've already paid extra to have this delivered TODAY. Now you want to charge me more to have it delivered Thursday (which adds up to 3-day) I'm escalated to Customer Service, who insists on charging me and tried to convince me he's cutting me a deal. Wait, whose fault is this? THEY accepted the order, confirmed it, and never bothered to advise of a problem until I found a note in my box? I've already paid the extra. It wasn't available, he says. But your website, and my email confirmation, said it was. He said "you placed that on the website, did you talk to a person who told you it was available? It wasn't."

Ahem. So your website is useless, and that's just fine with you. What-ever. You're right, I failed to get a human signed and notarized confirmation in triplicate.

Bottom line: I'm not paying again for shipping on an order that is ALREADY late.

boo. I was so enamored. I'll think twice about ordering from campmor again, and definitely won't do it if time is important.

Good customer service? They should have called me when they picked the order, to advise of the problem when they discovered it. I could have told them to send the red one on the spot, and no one would be out any time or shipping costs. Instead they wasted time, shipping money, and customer goodwill. Feh.

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