Tuesday, May 16, 2006

2 tortoises, no hares

Sunday 280 to San Jose: fuck you, pig, I know my rights!

Then, Mother's Day breakfast at my folks' house, very nice, very relaxing. The weather finally picked up, and I felt like I was on vacation for a couple of hours.

Sunday afternoon, Paul got a bike for the Sheetiron. Paul likes to make fun of my DRZ. It's so gutless, it's so slow, blah blah blah. See, we have different needs for a bike. I see it as a Tortoise and Hare thing. I don't need a hare. I don't have the patience for a hare. I don't have a garage for a hare. Mostly, I hate pushing a hare off the freeway or back over ten miles of single track. A tortoise will do me just fine. And it has. The bike has 35K on it, which is a lot for that sort of bike, and no problems. Sure, it wanted its valves done at 27K, but what bike wouldn't need that from time to time?

My tortoise just does the job, and gets me there. I never have to worry about "it wasn't built for that." It's built to do a lot of things just fine. Not to do a few things really really well, and then blow up in-between unless you rebuild it first. I do not need a high-maintenance girlfriend.

So now Paul has a DRZ. We'd match, except his is yellow, and way, way cleaner. At least until Saturday. After watching the XR failure from 2 years ago at Stonyford, I'm relieved. Not that nothing can go wrong, just that the likelihood has gone down for THAT failure.

Now that it's a reality, we have a lot of prep to do.

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