Monday, October 03, 2005


Marisa got older last week. So after a quick oil change for both our big bikes, Paul and I went to stuff our faces with others at Bucco di Beppo in celebration. Marisa has a boyfriend with whom she is constantly liplocked, which is a little icky. But makes me happy for her though. Yay Marisa!

Saturday morning, we hopped on our touring bikes and headed East. The AMA national finals for the Supermoto series were being held on the streets of downtown Reno. We had a lot of fun. High point was watching a little kid plow into a bunch of hay bales. Actually, the whole thing was a high point, except for the Denny’s on the ride to, and the stretch of freeway through the shitty “East Bay” on the way back. We were home by 9:30 or so, in time for pizza.

Sunday we went out to Sears Point to watch the AFM races. Watched a little pileup in Turn 9, some cool old shitty bikes racing vintage and dinosaur, and the real reason we were there, race 10, where Charles was gonna beat Creech, and Dale and Jack were going to do tiny sportbike ballet. Charles did not beat Creech, but it was fun to watch a guy named Brien Whitlock go fast. At least nobody crashed. I mean, no one I know. After loading the tiny sportbikes into trucks and sharing some Murphy’s, we went for shitty Mexican food, and parted ways. I guess this will be the last time I watch Charles roadrace. I really only go to hang out with my friends anyway. Roadracing is bo-ring.

And now, a few photos from Saturday's Supermoto:

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Thank you! I wouldn't be liplocked if he weren't so cute. I'm so glad you were both there!! :)