Monday, April 18, 2005

Seattle trip

<>So I took April 7th and 8th off and we all went to Seattle for my brother’s wedding. Paul came with me, as he is a saint, and had heard tales of fried cheese.

It’s sort of a bittersweet time, since my sister is having troubles and holding it all together while my brother is just embarking on his journey into marriage. I love my sister dearly and hope for the best.

Ben made some good decisions and good luck, and found a neat girl. They will do great stuff together. But I wish it were closer.

So, arrived in Seattle, checked into the house that my mom rented for us. It was a nice little craftsman-esque place with a lot of flowers and such. We ate and ate and ate and drank lots of wine all weekend.
Dilettante chocolate for cake
Bleu Bistro for frou-frou drinks and wasabi grilled cheese
Asteroid Café for the big dinner (really really yummy)

Seattle Underground Tour. I’d never been before, it was fun. My grandmother made dirty jokes.
Wedding rehearsal. Paul stood in since Jeff did not come to Seattle.
Party at Megan’s folks’ house: nice neighborhood, absolutely STUNNING view.
Party at Ben and Megan’s house. We heard geese in the distance, Jennifer was scared. We got fairly tossed.

Fried cheese and other yumminess at Byzantion on Capitol Hill.
Wedding, at a neat chapel on the campus.
Wedding reception. On a docked antique ferry boat. They had cupcakes for a wedding cake. It was a neat idea, but none of them had sprinkles. There was a goose on the boat, my sister was very scared. We got tossed again, and then went home. My sister was drunk and hiccupping and other stuff. Hilarious.

Breakfast, totally out of hand. My family is insane. Mimosas eased the pain. (actually, it isn’t painful to be around my family, just very noisy.)
Alaska Airlines sucked, both to and from Seattle. I’m just amazed that we made it home. Getting our bags was a big bonus as well.

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