Monday, April 18, 2005


<>I'm leaving Thursday for a two and a half week trip to Italy with my mom.
We'll be landing in Rome, taking the train to Pisa, renting a car, and driving to a farmhouse near Siena where we'll stay for four days. Then driving to Venice, ditching the car, and staying in a dumpy hotel in Venice for four days. Then taking the train to Florence to stay at a B&B for three days before taking the train to Rome where we have an apartment in Travestere for four days. Then home.

My mom wanted to see Italy and figured I should be her guide since I went to art school. Nevermind it's been years since I read that stuff. I really need to brush up on my art history to pull my own weight.

Anyway. Think of me often and I'll see you in May. (Well, probably not, since I'll be going to China shortly after I return)

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