Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

<>But only because it's too boring to mention.

I spent the weekend in Vegas with my boss.
Wait, that sounds bad.

Went to Vegas Saturday morning to set up our booth for the MAGIC show. The work wasn't too bad, but shopping for belts Sunday really sucked. I don't think my taste is really in the same place as my boss' or the other people in my company, so I was really nervous about that. Other than that:

-Delayed flight Saturday morning, damn, I could have been sleeping! Next time, check the flight first, before leaving your warm bed. Arrived around 1:30 Saturday, worked on setting up the booth for a bit, checked in to our hotel. My room was way bigger than my apartment, and had two televisions, two beds, a fold-out chouch, three telephones, a printer/fax, three stools, six chairs, and I think about 6 tables. I kept getting turned around downstairs, but, yeah, the Venetian is nice. The downside to my room was the sunken living room (!) which had a light on the stairs for safety, which you could not turn off.

Saturday night dinner at the Mandalay Bay. Picked the wrong restaraunt. Yuck.

-Sunday, drama with the salespeople (just one, really) and more booth set up. Lunch at Venetian Cafe, Dinner at Zefforino, in the Venetian. The new office girl from our New York office is sweet, but who the heck orders "White Zinfandel, but it should be pink?" unless they're talking about box wine?

Spent almost two hours Sunday shopping for belts for our booth, and it was a strange feeling to stroll into some of these uppity designer stores with the real possiblilty of buying something. Hello! I'm in Gucci, and ready to buy! Thankfully, they didn't have what I needed.

I think the tiki bar is gone. :(

-Monday, up bright and early, good breakfast, then to MAGIC. The show is cool, very big, but also very boring in reality. Picked up a bunch of magazines (they have all these free magazines) and hiked around the fabric and trim sourcing area to look for stuff. I still have no business cards to give these vendors, which makes me look like an ass. Took off for the airport shortly after lunch.

All in all, a fine trip. But I feel old. I mean, here I am in Vegas, it's supposed to be all "woooo!" and stuff, and I'm just, work, eat, go to bed. Next time I need to bring more comfortable shoes, and sneek my boyfriend in.

Now it's time to make a dress for the wedding, and start getting ready for Italy. Shoes, luggage, reservations! oh MY!


oooohhhh, Vegas can soooooo suck it.

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