Wednesday, February 23, 2005

damn, I was counting on them to be the smart ones

<>Apparently, the Japanese are just as dumb as us:
Hint: It's Above South Korea

I mean, I have to come out right now and admit that my placement of certain states (including a lot of red ones, to be honest) and a lof of countries is full of giant voids. (there are a lot of damn countries out there. Honestly, can you place every country in Africa and do you even know where Myanmar is? OK, I know that one, I'm just saying, is all) I know which states are on the edges, and where Texas is, because drinking is cheap there. I know where Kansas is, just on account of family history, and Tennessee, since I've vowed never to return. Having ridden into Nevada, I could pick it out of a lineup, and I hear Utah is around there too somewhere. Not that it matters. Utah doesn't matter. No one wanted it anyway, is why the Mormons have it.

Countries that regulary make the news, countries I've been to, and countries with really good cheese-- I know where these are. If I've called them trying to figure out why they didn't answer my emails and where the hell are my samples, I also KNOW. (I'm watching you, China) That includes South Korea. Which makes me an expert on where North Korea is. (just for shits, they should have put North Korea somewhere else entirely.)

But, placing USA in China? Or Congo? We should be so lucky as to be in Brazil.

Uhh, huh.

This gives me a little faith and a little terror. I mean, I guess I'm not as stupid as I always thought, you know, compared to brainy Japan.
On the other hand, If the A-students of our world class are getting dumber, the whole curve is thrown. If they can't place the USA, I'm going to start saying "nucular," just to keep things in balance. And maybe also develop a complete misunderstanding of the concept of sovereignty.

I'm just babbling.
Anyone offer any good advice about Italy? Like, I cannot decipher the whole train thing, and where can I stay for cheap, but not icky-cheap. My mom will be with me. No hostels.
I know where Italy is.

John Foley (ape)

I can name every country and capital in Africa, so there. I can't point to every one of them on the map, but who the fuck can? And Myanmar was formerly known as Burma, capital Rangoun. Put not your faith in Chinamen.

Posted by John Foley on Friday, March 04, 2005 at 7:22 AM

Rebecca: You need to get out more.
Posted by Rebecca on Friday, March 04, 2005 at 8:40 AM

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