Friday, May 07, 2004

travel and drink

Work News:
Work has been hell, it will continue to be hell for quite a while I think. I hate working late. When there’s no end in sight. I’m starting to feel like no matter what, it is always more, and then at the last minute the boss-man just comes in and has a brain fart and changes everything, so it all needs to be redone at the last minute anyway. To me, this means, don’t do anything the first three times he asks. Wait until the very last minute, for his last version, and THEN do it.

OK, maybe not.
Work News, part 2: I will be going to Vegas for MAGIC in August.
Work News, Part 3: If I can get China to do what I want in time, I will also go to New York in the beginning of June. I haven’t decided yet whether that’s even something I want. Should I push China? Or not?

My news: I’m going to go get my drink on tonight. Is that even news? Anyone want to join me in beating up my liver?
I have to stay out late because I've been threatened that if I show up to ride before noon tomorrow I will be shot. Patience has never been one of my virtues. Please help save my life-- get me loaded!

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